Mathias Schauwecker

Mathias Schauwecker


Born 1967 in Zurich (Switzerland).

1986 - 1991 studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

Works and lives in Paris and Berlin.

One Man Shows

* with catalogue

2014 "Haunting Images", Ventilator 24, (with F.J.Hugo), Berlin

2013 Galerie Elizabeth Royer, Paris*

2011 Varfok-Gallery, Budapest

2009 Grande Finale, Freland (France)

2008 Varfok Gallery, Budapest

2007 Light Gallery, Marrakech

2006 Zhou B. Center for the Arts, Chicago*

2006 Nogoodwindow, Paris*

2004 Galerie Sparts, (with K.Kulundzic), Paris*

2004 Galerie Municipale de Betton, Bretagne

2003 Galerie Mabel Semmler, Paris

2003 DTW Gallery, New York

2002 Galerie Nathalie Obadia, (with D.Davvetas), Paris*

2001 Galerie Mabel Semmler, Paris

2001 Galerie Artinprogress, (with D.Davvetas), Berlin*

2001 Spazio Montenero, Milan*

2000 Espace Commines , Paris*

1999 Galleria del Leone, Venezia *

1999 Heinrich Heine-Haus, Lüneburg

1997 Elizabeth Royer, Paris*

1997 Derek Johns Gallery, London*

1997 Galleria del Leone, Venezia

1996 Radix Gallery, (with D.Lafferty), New York

1996 Art Strasbourg, Stand Elizabeth Royer

1995 Elizabeth Royer, Paris*

1994 Michael Widmer, Zürich*

1993 Elizabeth Royer, Paris*

1991 Elizabeth Royer, Paris

Group Shows (Selection)

* with catalogue

2017 „Mythology & Science“, Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

2016 "Hybride Kunst", Ventilator 24, Berlin

2016 "Minimenta", Galerie Keller, Paris

2015 "Minimenta", Galerie Keller, Paris

2014 "Cadavre Exquis & la Plage", Ventilator 24, Berlin

2014 "Painting II : 1980-2000", Frissiras Museum, Athens

2013 "L'Autoportrait (II)", Galerie Keller, Paris

2012 "L'Autoportrait", Galerie Keller, Paris

2011 „Black & White“, Frissiras Museum, Athens

2010 SCOPE, Miami, stand Galerie Lichtfeld

2010 „Jardin“, Villa Bernasconi, Lancy (Genf)

2009 Galerie Magda Danyisz / 18 Gallery, Shanghai

2009 Galerie Keller, Paris

2008 Galerie Polad-Hardouin, Paris

2008 Galerie Keller, Paris

2007 Salon du dessin Contemporain, stand Galleria del Leone

2006 "Animaux d'Artistes", Galerie Keller, Paris

2005 "Nogoodsex", Galerie Nogoodwindow, Paris

2005 "Portraits", Galleria del Leone , Venezia

2004 "Tier / Mensch", Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover*

2003 On Paper Fair, Royal College of Art, London, Stand Galleria delLeone

2002 Art Paris, Stand Galleria del Leone

2001 ART CHICAGO, Stand Galerie Marion Meyer

2001 Salon de mars, Genève, Stand Galleria del Leone

2000 "The Museum’s Collection", Frissiras Museum, Athens*

1999 On Paper Fair, Royal College of Art, London, Stand Galleria del Leone

1998 New-York-Art-Fair, stand Galleria del Leone

1997 "Seduction of Paper", Marisa del Re Gallery, New York

1997 MIART, Milan Art Fair, Stand Galleria del Leone

1996 "Die Kraft der Bilder", Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin*

1996 "America meets Europe, von Warhol bis Beuys", Galerie Peter Bäumler, Regensburg

1995 Print Fair, Stand Pillsbury Fine Prints Inc., Park Avenue Armory, New York

1994 "A curator's egg", Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Several artist's books with texts by Iain Watson and Olivier Beer.

Some paintings and drawings for the Hollywood-movie "Stay" (director: Marc Forster).

Awards: Fondations Colas.

Several projects sponsored by

Fine Arts Unternehmen AG, Zug (Switzerland),

King’s Fountain, Paris,

Schober Holding, Stuttgart.


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